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Important: This website does NOT have anything to do with Facebook Inc, all videos, images are hosted on facebook servers, we use Facebook Graph API to display all data. fbvideo.com is a video collecting and facebook video download site where users can browse the best Facebook videos, and they can line them up in ways based on what kind of facebook reactions the videos have. Many people upload their recordings to the social media sites and this way, if, by any chance, the videos are gone from the recorders, they can still get them back or download them with the help of fbvideo.com. To download a video, you do not need programmes or any additional software. You can easily download video materials to your phone or your computer with only one click. You can also download private videos with the help of the site and a few clicks. Your downloads will be in the most popular video format (mp4) which can be watched in almost all devices whether they are Android, IOS, Windows or on any tablets or smart TVs. If you like the fbvideo, save it to you favourites, bookmark it or you can even show it to your friends and contacts with simply sharing it. Learn More

2 years ago
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Loïc Nottet
Loïc Nottet
2 years ago
Pour ceux et celles qui n'ont pas eu l'occasion de
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Not all heroes wear capes 💕 Credit: JukinVideo
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This Women’s Day, let us recognise the relentles
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What the? Where am I? 😂😂
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1 year ago
TV Channel
McDo transforme son M en W de "woman" pour la jour
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ABC News
ABC News
1 year ago
TV Network
Thousands of people filled one of Istanbul's busie
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🍤🍤🍤 ¿Qué tal te caerían estos camaronc
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Try these hacks for perfect winged liner.
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100 KG WATERMELON Juice making For Children 🍉
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How to download facebook videos

  1. 1Copy Facebook Video URLRight click to video, Show video URL
  2. 2Paste facebook video URLPaste video url to fbvideo.com
  3. 3Click Download to Save videoDownload HD or SD facebook video