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If you are interested in Personal Development, mental health, wellness, happiness, hope, inspiration, positive life changes, then you will love our fan page:) I create original images and content on an array of topics like: Positivity, Inspiration, Relationships, Quotes, Health, Wellness, Good News, Spirituality, Gratitude, Fun, Happiness, Peace, Love, Healthy Living and more. This page is to provide positive inspiration and encouragement to others and to their families and loved ones. I am not a therapist or medical professional. I do not intend to have these quotes replace the advice of professional workers. If you should need personal attention, please seek qualified professional advice. Copyright Notice: Most images on our page are licensed for our use. We also share images from others Facebook Pages which we have the express permission from the owners to do so. We also attempt to attribute all quotes and comments to credit the authors. If you feel an attribution is required for something in our content, please contact us. NOTE: To all Page Administrators: Please do not place your page Ads in the comment section. All ads will get deleted or blocked in that area. Kindly place them as a "status" so they end up in the "Post by Others" section & please stay on topic with the quote posted (no posting quotes in comment section) Thank you for your cooperation. The comment section is reserved for members to write their opinions and thoughts about the quotes at hand. It is very frustrating (and rude) to have advertisement interrupt the flow written conversation. Owner/Moderator: Suresh Gurwani email: [email protected] website

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