How to download videos from facebook

How to download videos from facebook

How to download videos from facebook

Downloading the desired video is quite simple:

  • Right click on the Facebook video you want and choose the “show video URL” option.

  • Then copy the appearing link
  • And paste it to the search field of the

Unless the recording is private, you can immediately see the video and by scrolling down, you will be able to see the video download buttons. If the video was uploaded in an HD format, you could see two buttons with HD and SD signs. If you want your video to be in a good quality choose the "Download MP4 HD". If smaller resolution is enough for you, than choose the SD download button.

On the website you can see different Top Video Lists which is the list of the videos that can be found on the site, listed according to different aspects. These aspects are arranged by the Facebook reactions, like the ones with most likes or with most comments. We can choose from these top lists from the menu on the left. There is also a list of the best authors who uploaded the most and the best videos to Facebook. If you copy a video that has more likes and comments than the leading videos of the time, yours will get to the top of the list.

Uploading and sending in videos: if you paste the link of a video into the search field, it will immediately appear in the database of our site. If it is a very good video with lots of reactions, it will get into the top lists as well.

Video search: it must have happened to you as well, that you have seen a video on the Facebook timeline that you later wanted to re-watch or show to your friends, but could not find. On our website you can also search amongst the videos. Like this you can find the Facebook video you were looking for, if you type in the title or the characteristics of the recording.