Donald Trump auditions for "The Lion King"

Donald Trump auditions for "The Lion King"
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Nicole Pierce

Nicole Pierce 1 year ago

He should play the part of Mufasa because it would be fun to see him trampled to death by a herd of wildebeest.

Howard Kadison

Howard Kadison 1 year ago

Should be the LYING KING.

Frank Sico

Frank Sico 1 year ago

Guess Jimmy’s feeling the ratings drop and can’t afford to fall to #3.......when you know your a sheep and have to follow suit or loose your spot!! Fucking sell out!

Marcus Smalls

Marcus Smalls 1 year ago

Come on whatever side you're on you gotta admit that was funny

Troy Newbanks

Troy Newbanks 1 year ago

If I wanted Trump bashing, I'd watch Comedy Central. That's about all they're green lighting now. CC Exec... "can we spend 30 more minutes bashing Trump and talking about race night after night?" Trevor Noah, "Yeah. Yeah. I'm certain we can. Go ahead and tell the same joke I keep telling over and over. Keep it relevant though because if I ever quit the show, that's all I got."

Duncan J. Searcy

Duncan J. Searcy 1 year ago

Come on people! I support Trump and this is funny and not offensive. Lighten up a little. Jimmy has been really fair with making fun of Trump in my opinion. He hasn't spewed any sort of disgusting humor or hate like the rest of them! I bet if Trump saw this he would chuckle to himself a little bit. Get over yourselves.

Benjamin Milczarczyk

Benjamin Milczarczyk 1 year ago

Jimmys an idiot. Jimmy loves trump he’s had him in the show dozens of times. Even when he was campaigning and you are a supporter all of a sudden he makes fun of him like every other talk show host. Jimmy we all know your pro trump so why not invite him on the show instead of pretending to be anti and make fun of him. Same goes for hypocritical SNL who had him host the show and had people protesting but the show went on. So stop being hypocrites tonight show and snl

Alex Dodds Cridland

Alex Dodds Cridland 1 year ago

If Trump was the lion king, Mufasa never would have died. Those antelope would've hit a huge wall, Scar would've never taken over, and everyone would be happy.

Stephanie Shumaker

Stephanie Shumaker 1 year ago

Come on people what is truly wrong is no one has a funny bone anymore. It’s all so politically correct. Just let it go. If you don’t like it or offends you change the channel but for goodness sake can everyone just grow a backbone or balls! Toughen up pussies this is life and I promise you no one is getting out alive so why not smile and be happy bitches

Matthew Key

Matthew Key 1 year ago

Obama tried out for this as well. They were looking for an African lion, but he thought they said lying African!

Nicole Knipes

Nicole Knipes 1 year ago

Some people just love to stir the pot in the comments. y’all take a break from picking sides and just find your funny bone. It’s ok to just laugh & it’s ok to leave if you choose not to. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Karen Crane

Karen Crane 1 year ago

The difference between a Conservative President Trump voter, and the Liberal who sits and complains all the time, attacking the Trump voter! I found this so damn hilarious! I think it is silly fun! Though I hate late show hosts misguided ways of making fun of President Trump, and Hillary is not the butt of any jokes! Just a butt! Also, I passed this on!

Victor Cordes

Victor Cordes 1 year ago

Now that kind of comedy towards the POTUS is to be expected. All in good taste and not a character attack. Funny

Scott Youngs

Scott Youngs 1 year ago

Hey tonight show, how about you try to go a week with no politics. It is really tired and stale! In fact I am not watching because of it. Pretty much the same as my not watching the NFL any longer.

Nicholas Esquer

Nicholas Esquer 1 year ago

President Donald Trump. He may be whatever you think he is. But that's his title Just like we call obama Former President Barrack Obama.

Marie Von Der Waar

Marie Von Der Waar 1 year ago

Antonia Rb Lea Vol he's gonna make the lion king great again 😂😂😂

Jean-Francois Lemay

Jean-Francois Lemay 1 year ago

Wow !! Jimmy Fallon and the writers of this show really must be thrilled that Trump is the President, otherwise, they would never have anything to say in the opening monologue! They should rename the show: "The Trump Bashing Show with Jimmy Fallon" or "The Political Show with Jimmy Fallon" Since that's all they seem to be able to talk about for over a year! It makes me missing Jay Leno! At least with him it was 1 or 2 jokes then moving on! I guess it's more important to bash the President then to say a kind word for the victims of the latest attack in NYC 2 days ago! I'm loosing interest, week after week .. .about to take it off my DVR!

Carol Peterson

Carol Peterson 1 year ago

He must have watched that movie with his grandchildren. I don't wish him any harm; just to get out of politics. 😊

Dan Barney

Dan Barney 1 year ago

I remember when the tonight show with Fallon first came out it was funny. Now every episode is a political attack. I laugh as much as the next person at the political jabs but I mean every damn episode or segment revolves around this. I just want to kick back and have some light weight banter on these late night shows

Gina Herrick

Gina Herrick 1 year ago

I have always been a Jimmy Fallon fan, but Im getting tired of the Trump jokes every night. Ive found myself turning it off & just deleting. Whether you are a supporter or not making fun of someone every chance you get loses it's humor & starts to be annoying. How do you think our military men & women feel when they have to take orders from him. It makes or country look even more divided.

Brenda White

Brenda White 1 year ago

I remember you standing up and say this is not a political show Jimmy sure seems to me like you're making it one. I don't need to watch you anymore he's our president have respect mr. Jimmy

Michele Jacobs Pepe

Michele Jacobs Pepe 1 year ago

Fallon is a more reserved person when he Trump bashes.. and doesn’t go on and on...that’s why I choose watching Fallon over Kimmel!!!!

Angelica Kasha Temple

Angelica Kasha Temple 1 year ago

Every president has been made fun off... people on here in your feelings about a joke are ridiculous considering real life altering issues as deflected, dismissed and ignored. YOU are part of the problem because Despite the wrong that Trump has done and continues to do, it’s justified. My faith is in GOD and only GOD. In these days and in this time if you can’t laugh, your full of anger. The negative comments on here are sad because this president shots himself in the foot or puts it in his mouth and when his stupidity picks up speed, he gets mad about it and then blames everyone else for what is being said while the silly people come out to defend the stupidity... really. I pray God removes those blinders and you get a ray of truth before America implodes.... we are suppose to be our brothers keepers but not in Trump America... sad. 😔

Kevin Boveington

Kevin Boveington 1 year ago

Thank you President Trump! The informed public desperately need you after 3 incredibly corrupt administrations!!!

Corissa Smith Rossow

Corissa Smith Rossow 1 year ago

That's something to laugh at - it's nice to see something poking fun at the president without being terribly offensive attacking his character or family. I've honestly quit watching all late night shows because it's all been obnoxious.

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