Best Video You Will Ever See
Best Video You Will Ever See
2017. October 22.
Children Face the Truth

So powerful. Kids confronted with what we do to animals. Credit: Ramy El Gabry YouTube:
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Nancy Sewell DiMatteo

Nancy Sewell DiMatteo 6 months ago

I think that was too harsh for children. They don't make choices about food yet. I made the connection myself at a young age when my father brought home live lobsters and put them in boiling water.. I didn't watch, went to my room and stayed there, don't think I ate that night, cried myself to sleep...

Rich Lysloff

Rich Lysloff 6 months ago

I'm happy that I'm raising my daughter vegan so she won't have to face these tough questions in life. Compassion is the way.

Aglaia Hajkova

Aglaia Hajkova 6 months ago

Don‘t do this to the kids!!! Teach the parents so they don‘t teach the kids the wrong things. But never ever do this to a kid in order to change the adults, the society!!!

Rachid Antid

Rachid Antid 6 months ago

تم التأثير بالترهيب على نفسية الأطفال بطريقة سيئة مع العلم أنه موضوع يخص الكبار فقط. و فيه وجهات نظر مختلفة لم يتطرق لها محاور الأطفال، بمعنى أنه مارس تحايلا لاأخلاقيا على وعيهم الهش من أجل قضية تبدو على أنها أخلاقية..

Susan Cole

Susan Cole 6 months ago

It is appropriate to comfort someone but to tell the boy to stop crying just adds to the stigma that boys shouldn't cry. Expressing our emotions by showing compassion is exactly what we want people to do towards animals.

Alex Danger Afan

Alex Danger Afan 6 months ago

I wish people realized that you can thrive WITH OUT meat. If you don't have the courage to butcher your own food then you don't deserve to EAT IT. 2018 marks 20 years of me being meat free. And I haven't been healthier 👍

Shane Ervine

Shane Ervine 6 months ago

The intention is to show them what they do not see. They see the end product with a "happy chicken" and "happy food adverts", when the reality is far different. People lie to other people and make money by exploiting and slaughtering animals.

Shantanu Batta

Shantanu Batta 6 months ago

Both showed their concern but surprised by the fact that the boy showed more. Well anyway, proud to be a Vegan!

Karin Perlsteyn

Karin Perlsteyn 6 months ago

That boy has such a beautiful soul. Hopefully he decided to follow his heart and stop with the meat after this experience <3

Alvin Alvero

Alvin Alvero 6 months ago

It is the balance of nature we are the top of the line predators we eat meat and vegestables at the same time and when we die the maggots eat us..where are you going to take the exploding populations of animals then..

بسام عبدالامير المدني

بسام عبدالامير المدني 6 months ago

أيها الأغبياء لو إزددتم وعيا لفهمتم إن الإحساس متفاوت و ليس كما تعتقدون .......ثم هل تسائلتم عن غاية وجود حيوانات المزرعة فعقلها و وعيها أشبه ما يكون صفري القيمة و مصرح عنها دينيا بعبارة "أخذ الله بناصيتها" فليس الإحساس عندها كما تعتقدون بمشاعر البشر......لذا هي محلل ذبحها و أكلها و لو تفقهتم فسلجيا و فلسفيا لفهمتم ذلك.........إن من رأى الفديو وتأثر وعيه فهو جاهل جدا لأنكم أتيتم بأطفال صغار يبكون حسيا لأي شيئ و بإستطاعتي أن أقنعهم إن للصخور إحساس أيضا فهي تحب و تتجاذب كالمغناطيس و تكره وتتنافر و تفعل كل شيئ ثم أهشم الصخور بعد هذه القصة فأجعلهم يبكون.........أيها المتابعون لا تتأثروا فهذا التمثيل الركيك لا يصل لشيئ لما وصل إليه أبو نصر الفرابي الفيلسوف الكبير فقد تمكن من إضحاك و إبكاء فطاحل القوم بلعبة من الأعواد الخشبية........ببساطة يمكنك التحكم بسياق الحديث عبر تركيب المعاني ذهنيا و تطويع الألفاظ بحنكة لتخرج مؤثرة كالسيف و تجعل الفعل مؤثرا نافذا بالحركة المادية لمثال حي و متى ما تلازم اللفظ و إقترن بالحركة الحسية خرج ما في القوة إلى الفعل لحظيا و يمكنك تطبيق ذلك على آلاف الأمثلة.

Kate Mace

Kate Mace 6 months ago

I see the point but tough on those kids. I hope there was emotional support offered to them after this was filmed. They both seemed traumatised. It's right that the realities of choices should be shown, but they are very young to have to process this information.

Maria El-Azm

Maria El-Azm 6 months ago

It's alright to teach kids about compassion and to slowly teach them how animals are harmed for their meat but to shock a child in such a cruel way to a point where he starts crying is taking it too far! No need traumaze them by acting as if you are about to slaughter a chicken right Infront of them! 5asa be mojtam3atna wen trabena Eno 7alal w Allah 5ala2hom la nakolhom w ahlna tol 3omrna bytbo5o 3adi... Msh shart ta3ml hek la wlad z3'ar Bel tarae2a hay... Ana I've been vegan for 7 years w I will teach my children to be compassionate but never will I traumaze them the way you did.

Marwa Hussain

Marwa Hussain 6 months ago

انت ازاي تجيب اطفال تعمل فيهم كده 😡😡😡 انت مرعتش نفسيتهم حتي هو ده حلال ولا حرام و كمان بتتكلم عن الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم هو اكله كان ١٠ ٪ يعني قطعه لحم صغيره وسط الخضروات و النشويات مفيش انسان في الدنيا هيبقي اكله ١٠٠ ٪ لحمه ، فديوا متخلف

Hanna Rodriguez

Hanna Rodriguez 6 months ago

I think this is messed up. Kids don’t always have a say in what they eat. Showing kids this is just going to make them feel guilty but powerless to change their diets until they grow up.

Kelly Roberts

Kelly Roberts 6 months ago

Powerful upsetting but educating. I feel for these beautiful children but i also think that children need to know what happens, we need to educate from a young age to make the change happen. 💔

Max Van Haagendhooren

Max Van Haagendhooren 6 months ago

The idea is good, to inform children, however as a vegan I don't really understand what the intention of the filmmaker is, with at the end presenting the burger. The boy could have needed a little comfort though, it's a really a good guy ! Feelings make us humans ! Take care young boy !

Suzanne Sollenne

Suzanne Sollenne 6 months ago

All children should experience this matter of ethics. Killing an animal to put on your plate is unnecessary. If they were shown this, I think they would also decide that eating animals is cruel

Firuzeh Moh

Firuzeh Moh 6 months ago

Such a beautiful, big hearted soul the boy has. His empathy and compassion was pure and genuine. But here is the fact , their parents, society , tradition and culture and religion make them to disconnect from animals.

Mohab El Sayed

Mohab El Sayed 6 months ago

Ok bro let us think in another way God created us right..... what happens when we die ?!....... ok our bodies are buried in the sand so that worms feed on us, but when it dies what happens to their bodies?!....... plants feeds on it and those chickens,caws,...... eats it so they eats us indirectly 😊😊😊 God created every single creature to depend on the other Now think if we all stopped eating them !!!....🤔🤔🤔 ok , vegetables will disappear then they die then all animals that feeds on meat dies (including us) gradually By the way plant also is alive and has souls,so,why you eats it 😏😏🤔🤔 A life norm

أحمد كريم

أحمد كريم 6 months ago

Good job

Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones 6 months ago

I dont know how I feel about this. I do not eat any animal products but I do think people including and especially children should make decisions in their own time when they are ready. I dont force my choice on others and expect the same in return. It is hard to know the best way to educate without disturbing little minds if that makes sense

Shayla Fatema Shetu

Shayla Fatema Shetu 6 months ago

this is too much....I don't like just like to pressure littel is not that just animals have live, vagitable tree also have live.....we are human.. we have to eat both animal and tree to survive our's true we have to love all kind of creation in the world.....but it's not that you hurt little kids by giving them this...

Francis Eugene

Francis Eugene 6 months ago

Wow. That was powerful. 💔

Meena Ramjathan

Meena Ramjathan 6 months ago

I am truly very sensitive about this. The first reason being Non violence to any living creature! To even accidentally hurt any animal is painful to me. So I want to say to everyone, if you love animals, please don’t be selective. Love All! BE GOOD. DO GOOD. SEE GOOD IN ALL OF GODS CREATIONS.🙏🙏🙏❤️ So glad a video clip of this kind was posted on FB. A Million Thanks to you Sir, to bring this forward. Definitely sharing this! Over and over.

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