2017. November 28.
A prince who loved freckles, an impossible question and a broken box: This is Meghan...

A prince who loved freckles, an impossible question and a broken box: This is Meghan Markle's life-defining moment.
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Goalcast 3 months ago

Inspired by Meghan Markle? Watch her speech on gender equality here: https://www.goalcast.com/2017/03/09/meghan-markle-stand-up-for-equality/

Ada Ivonne

Ada Ivonne 3 months ago

It doesn’t make a difference if you’re black or white ... it’s how you present your self. Look at Obama... classy !! Now look at Trump ... trash !! Having a good head on your shoulders and a kind heart will get you more respect and admiration.

Ndjee Nguvu

Ndjee Nguvu 3 months ago

Very interesting but she's not the 1st biracial in the british royal family. Queen Charlotte was of Moorish (black north african) descent. She was biracial too.

Sheila Stewart Thomas

Sheila Stewart Thomas 3 months ago

I did not know this lovely young lady was mixed race. I actually thought she was Caucasian and I also thought she was very nice looking but nothing exceptional...until I heard about her life story. At that moment I realized she is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen -- particularly because of the beauty she holds inside her and there is now no wonder as to why the prince has chosen to marry her.

Donna Syed

Donna Syed 3 months ago

My children are South Asian and white . . . we tell them they're not "half" anything, they're "double."

Jack Ragland

Jack Ragland 3 months ago

The entire concept of race is ridiculous. This tiny pebble of a planet is far too small to be worrying about the concentration of skin pigmentation, or what section of said pebble your family is from. The important thing to remember is that everyone sucks, and should be disliked equally.

Helen Reimer

Helen Reimer 3 months ago

OMG.....I'm biracial it's not as difficult as you guys are making it out to be (mom is black, dad is Caucasian) Almost 5% of Americans are biracial. No one gets asked everyday what are you?....most people ask that question with a kind heart.

Tashbih E Batool

Tashbih E Batool 3 months ago

I absolutely love her story but im confused. Being a member of royal family is an achievement?? Her mother in law didn't seem to think like that..

Jazmin Sanford

Jazmin Sanford 3 months ago

That was me. Am I Hispanic, is that a race? My dad is from Cuba and of Spanish and African descent, my mother is Lebanese and Spanish and from Cuba as well. 30 years later, same boxes. But, now I "have to" fill them out for my son who is all of me and Irish too. I just check them all and have a laugh!

Donna Duckett

Donna Duckett 3 months ago

This is a true struggle however society will decide for you. Call yourself Bi-racial, Mixed, Black, Mulatto or whatever.. Black + White never = White... Let that hair get wet. Read your history. The one drop rule still applys.

Aulia Ratna Dewi

Aulia Ratna Dewi 3 months ago

I love her story but being a member of royal family is an achievement?? Her marriage is her achievement?? She's great artist and UN ambassador why only her marriage is her great achievement like Royal family is something? they just born Royal what's the special? but Megan work hard on her own to be recognized.

Emma Sheriff

Emma Sheriff 3 months ago

First of all Harry loves black women. He was in love with a dark skin Jamaican girl that was an athlete but I don't think it was acceptable so he may have had to find someone fairer. She is a beautiful girl and I'm proud of her. Congrats Meghan you have my love and support! I'm a fan!

Camila Adames

Camila Adames 3 months ago

She doesnt look white, she looks mixed. Big deal. Just count your blessings he chose you. Im sure his family secretly dont like her anyway, so dont give them another reason to dislike you by acting insecure and weird.

Jennifer McLeod Upton

Jennifer McLeod Upton 3 months ago

What race are you? The human stinkin' race, that's what race. She's strong, smart, beautiful, giving and funny. She's part of the human race, isn't that enough?? I hope one day we can get to that point. When my girls talk about their friends, or bring them home and introduce us to them, we have no clue what "race" they are because our girls have never described their friends that way. Growing up, there always had to be a qualifier, what this person "was," but we didn't raise our girls that way. I hope, hope, hope we get to that point. She's part of the Human Race, thank you very much.

Kia Robinson

Kia Robinson 3 months ago

people don’t know the struggle of being mixed and having to conform to other people’s standards being put into one box or the other not being black enough or white enough! Regardless of what she is i congratulate her!

Joan K Brodie

Joan K Brodie 3 months ago

I’m black! I don’t do percentages. Get stopped by the police in the middle of the night and you will never be confused about which box to check again!!!! Light skin and curly hair does not make you white. It would be hard pressed now a days to find a black person that’s not mixed with something. You are still black.

Lisa Summers

Lisa Summers 3 months ago

She never looked Caucasian. The teacher was wrong. I feel like this story is made up! Her younger pictures are the same color as mine and I’m black!! 🙄🙄🙄 And her daddy looks Mexican if you really want to create a historical story!

Chuck Parisi

Chuck Parisi 3 months ago

If I were your father, I would have recommended you check both boxes - white and black . The reason - you know who you are , let the fool reviewing your document figure it out !

Debi Coulter Woods

Debi Coulter Woods 3 months ago

I don’t want to take anything away from her, but there are millions of people, and this number grows daily, of diverse “color” or ethnicity. My child is of mixed race, and she has always known from a very early age that she is both and neither. There need not be a definition. It is US as humanity that demand a label. This is what must stop. We are one. And until we stop defining ourselves based on the color of our skin we will continue to be lost and confused.

Kathie Anderson

Kathie Anderson 3 months ago

Your Dad was correct. You should always make your own box. "That question", should be forever banned. "That question" has caused this world more pain than any other. God Bless You Miss Markle. Thank You for sharing your story.

Thomas Jerome

Thomas Jerome 3 months ago

For some race maters, for most of us, it doesn't, it never has. It's not the color of your skin, it's the content of your character. To illustrate this point, I used to go in to a very white pub. One day an old black gentleman came in. He was well known and well respected even by the dinosaurs. I tootled over to talk to him, bought him a beer and before I knew it 2 hours had passed. He had a cross.American Flag on his coveralls and I mentioned it. He took it off and gave it to me. No, it's not the color of your skin, it is indeed the content of your character.

Adam Rayz

Adam Rayz 3 months ago

We have farrrrr too many other serious / major issues to ponder upon than wondering abt what box to check??? A truly strong n confident person doesnt need that. She voiced out everything now coz shes engaged to prince harry? Lol.

Chris Merrick

Chris Merrick 3 months ago

My children are bi-racial, caucasian and chinese. When I've filled on information for them I tick both white and asian. A form doesn't get to define what or who they are, especially one that doesn't have a box with "Freaking awesome" as the option.

Vernetta Guischard

Vernetta Guischard 3 months ago

I am sooooo happy she stated that she is half black AND half white!!! Why should people like her and former president Obama have to “choose one parent over another”!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Jan Tron

Jan Tron 3 months ago

As a species there are only humans, there is no such thing as black or white, that is just racism dressed as biology. Tick the human box, and seek to be a great a human.

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