Tasty Vegetarian
Tasty Vegetarian
2017. December 03.
Homemade Chocolate Croissants FULL RECIPE: http://bit.ly/2hxqGex See the ~struggle~ it took to make these!...

Homemade Chocolate Croissants FULL RECIPE: http://bit.ly/2hxqGex See the ~struggle~ it took to make these! Go behind the scenes here: http://bit.ly/2hvxhWN
Check the Homemade Chocolate Croissants FULL RECIPE: http://bit.ly/2hxqGex See the ~struggle~ it took to make these!... Facebook video from the Tasty Vegetarian if you liked it, you can simply download it anytime with just one click. If you liked the Homemade Chocolate Croissants FULL RECIPE: http://bit.ly/2hxqGex See the ~struggle~ it took to make these!... video share it with your friends and also your Facebook contacts so that they could also enjoy it. Also, watch all of the other videos from Tasty Vegetarian as well.

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Marguerite Mtwsky

Marguerite Mtwsky 1 year ago

CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS ?? American fellows just stop, this is DAMN PAIN AU CHOCOLAT

Fr矇d矇ric Monier

Fr矇d矇ric Monier 1 year ago

Actually, we, French people, rarely do that at home because we have it warm and freshly made for 1.30 at the bakery next door

Kelly Ann

Kelly Ann 1 year ago

I don't care what this thing is. Whoever has the patience to make this you're a freaking saint. Hell to the no.

Fr矇d矇ric Monier

Fr矇d矇ric Monier 1 year ago

And people will say that I complain too much about food once again... NO TASTY, THESE ARE NOT CROISSANTS, RESPECT THE BASICS OF OUR FOOD CULTURE!

gi S獺ndor

gi S獺ndor 1 year ago

Im dead. No one cares that this is a bloody puff pastry and you have to spend 5 hrs laminating it with no guarantee of success (leaking butter, broken pastry, lumps, etc) but everyone is complaining why they call it chocolate croissant instead of pain au chocolat lol

Madeleine Ncls

Madeleine Ncls 1 year ago

Oh my god why do you systematically get something wrong when posting foreign recipes? It's not even called a "chocolate croissant"

Sharon Parker Odom

Sharon Parker Odom 1 year ago

Alternative version: go to Trader Joes and buy their frozen chocolate croissants. You just lay them on a parchment lined pan and let them rise overnight. Bake the next morning and enjoy. There is also an almond version.

Danielle Dalton

Danielle Dalton 1 year ago

This is why it costs $3 for a single croissant at the bakery. For that amount of work, I think it's a fair price. :)

Jodie Porter

Jodie Porter 1 year ago

Yeah my favorite thing to do is spend 17 hours making something I can buy in the store for a 1/3 of the price and no time to make it. Then my family eats it in 10 minutes and says they are still hungry.

Alissa Hahn

Alissa Hahn 1 year ago

So much work! It's great to see how a layered pastry is made but OMG, all of that for a yield of FIVE!? Bakery, here I come.

Melissa Guzman Hammerback

Melissa Guzman Hammerback 1 year ago

All that work and you only get 5 pieces?!

Chelsea Raven Valerio Smith

Chelsea Raven Valerio Smith 1 year ago

This process is ridiculously long. Buy the refrigeratored stuff at the store and just unroll it and spread Nutella on them and roll them up and bake them because nobody has time for this crap. Also they are called croissants because of the cresent moon shape so when they are rolls into rectangles they need to be called something else.

Carolyn Chivetta

Carolyn Chivetta 1 year ago

I love chocolate croissants! I have a better way tho: Step 1: go to Trader Joes Step 2: buy chocolate croissants from frozen section Step 3: lets proof over night Step 4: preheat oven and bake They look the exact same!! 不

Catherine Sherlock

Catherine Sherlock 1 year ago

They look fantastic but all rolling for only 5 it would take three weeks to make enuf to feed my family they love croissants

Cecilia Gialdini

Cecilia Gialdini 1 year ago

I see a lot of people complaining for the hard work behind these delicious (not croissant but..) pain au chocolat. Come home, that's the beauty of cooking, that you have to struggle to make something that tastes good. Of course, getting it in a French bakery it's just easier BUT if you're not in France, that's a little trick to bring France to you. Right? Ps: forzen stuff is the best way to gain weight, anyway. You see, for sure if it takes that amount of time to make a goodie, you won't eat it every day.

Brittany Jessie

Brittany Jessie 1 year ago

In the time it took to make this I could have flown to France, bought a chocolate croissant, ate it, flown home, and my dough still wouldnt have been ready!

Cristina Idrovo

Cristina Idrovo 1 year ago

I will make this as soon as I win the lottery and travel for an entire year and then come back home and get bored one week because I have nothing to do until my next flight to see the world.

Juju Kat

Juju Kat 1 year ago

Or go to starbucks and pick up the most delicious chocolate croissant because simply "ain't nobody got time for that"

Cassie Smith

Cassie Smith 1 year ago

A whole block of butter for 5 croissants. I dont think Ill ever eat one again... or Ill eat 5 and just not think about it. Rebecca Kelly

Rachel Hart

Rachel Hart 1 year ago

Or I can buy the Jus Roll pain au chocolate for 瞿2.50 for 6 that I just assemble and cook myself that are guaranteed to work

Melissa Voas

Melissa Voas 1 year ago

Omgosh I don't have the patience for this. But, I bet they're awesome...I just wouldn't like the chocolate, I'd do almond instead.

Cheryl Buchen

Cheryl Buchen 1 year ago

Wow that looks like so much trouble, I would just buy puff pastry from the market (which is naturally vegan) and stick some chocolate inside and I bet it would taste just as good.

Cassidy Chambers

Cassidy Chambers 1 year ago

Everyone complaining some people actually enjoy putting in the time and effort to make home made croissants every once in a while. And props to tasty for trying to teach a bunch of people the book fold method. It takes a lot of patience!

Louise Sophia Cornwell

Louise Sophia Cornwell 1 year ago

Thats not a croissant its a pain au chocolat!! Yes it does matter because a croissant does not have chocolate in it and its a different shape.

MC Chls

MC Chls 1 year ago

We call those amazing things "pain au chocolat". Not chocolate croissant, what a crap my eyes are crying blood !!

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