2017. November 27.
This is adorable πŸ˜’πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜»

This is adorable πŸ˜’πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜»
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Dan Boddington

Dan Boddington 1 year ago

This is extremely dangerous. The cat could wake suddenly from a nightmare and shank the child with a flick knife. Or the child could get hungry and bit the cats paw off.

Melissa Curry

Melissa Curry 1 year ago

Would of been cuter if the cat was a puppy!!

Charlotte Vella

Charlotte Vella 1 year ago

Adorable.....until that kitten scratches that baby's eyes out πŸ™€

Franki Rhoda Solomon

Franki Rhoda Solomon 1 year ago

I must be a troll. :-( I think it is not wise to put any animal in such close proximity with a young baby. Babies are very vulnerable to infections and diseases The animal may be as clean as a whistle but it still carries bacteria and viruses and animal-specific ailments (just think of bird flu, mad cow disease, bovine T.B. - did you know cats can have Cat AIDS? that cros-infect.) Anyway, although this picture looks absolutely adorable - I would resist until I knew for sure my young child had built up a good immune system. Sorry for such a downer. :-(

Jasmine Badawi

Jasmine Badawi 1 year ago

People care about appearance and self circled more than anything else, cats are born with harmful insects in their skin which develop serious lung disease and it highly affects babies cause their lungs are not fully developed till the age of 12! Cute huh? How cute will it be when the baby is harmed in any way, possibly a scratch on the face?

Maarten Kuijper

Maarten Kuijper 1 year ago

This is outrageous. You can clearly see the baby is having trouble breathing, she is probably suffering from a severe asthma attack... And if you look real close, you can see that kitten isn't comfortable at all and wants to get away..

Lisa Martell

Lisa Martell 1 year ago

Yeah cute! I’m no hater but this is plain stupid. Any kitten with razor claws would not be swaddled in a blanket with my infant. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Nikky Gopee

Nikky Gopee 1 year ago

They will grow up with an amazing bond. To the haters go get a cat...U need some love in your life!!

Paul Stafford

Paul Stafford 1 year ago

Are people just assuming that animals biological being? Maybe the kitten is a dolphin but cant express itself because its wrapped up in a blanket with a baby.

Margaret Murphy

Margaret Murphy 1 year ago

I think it’s awful - baby swaddled far too tightly so the kitten must be too - extremely uncomfortable for the poor child - cats hair probably tickling her face and nothing she can do about it - People indulging themselves at the expense of a defenseless child & kitten. Obviously more concerned for the baby.

Jamie Belden

Jamie Belden 1 year ago

Oh good Lord, the trolls here are ridiculous. So what if the baby gets scratched? He/she is not a porcelain doll; the scratch will heal. Hakuna your tatas, y'all.

Tom Stokes

Tom Stokes 1 year ago

To everyone worried about the cat scratching the baby......get a fucking life! Children being wrapped in cotton wool constantly from EVERYTHING is why the world is full of little brats!

Gary Stiebler

Gary Stiebler 1 year ago

No way! I would Never do this. Keep that Cat away from my child. Don't need transmitting disease to my baby

Jennifer Azzati Abjornson

Jennifer Azzati Abjornson 1 year ago

I am all about animals. I don't want to be a hater but that cat could scratch that baby's face or eyes at any second by mistake. While adorable, not sure if that's a great idea.

William Amaker

William Amaker 1 year ago

I'll never understand why people put their newborns at risk with animal germs etc for a photo.. smh , hell mom's guarded us away from some family members.. This must be new parent mess.

Kathija Adams

Kathija Adams 1 year ago

It's cute but I would now put my pet in the same shawl as my baby firstly babies immune system is weak, the fur could be ingested or breathed in by th baby causing asthma,sinus problems.. I'm a cat lover but when u have a baby u need to be careful they can pick up infections very fast

Maggie O'Brien

Maggie O'Brien 1 year ago

so many of us grew up with animals of all kinds right in our face, in our beds, in our homes. Not sure why people go nuts about animals with kids

Lisa Pauly Jenkins

Lisa Pauly Jenkins 1 year ago

Oh for heavens sake! It’s just a cute picture! Get a life! Our cat slept in my daughter’s baby bed with her. You couldn’t keep him out. He thought he was protecting her.

Alanah Leins

Alanah Leins 1 year ago

Yeah so cute, until the cat scratches her face off. Such a sensible idea to wrap a kitten in a blanket with a newborn. Why did I never think of it.

Rosalyn DeSimone

Rosalyn DeSimone 1 year ago

I had two female cats when my kids were babies. They slept in the crib with my babies. Never did I have to bring my kids to the doctor because they were sick, only for yearly checkups. My oldest is now 36 years old and my youngest in now 27. All three of them have a deep love and respect for animals. My youngest is a vet technician.

Rachel L. Rhodes

Rachel L. Rhodes 1 year ago

Why was I raised up being told to never have a cat around a baby because they could smell the milk on their breathe and suffocate them trying to get to it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Madison Carter

Madison Carter 1 year ago

All these cat haters need to STFU and actually educate yourselves about cats before making stupid assumptions. This is fucking adorable. 😭❀️

Sophie Burrows

Sophie Burrows 1 year ago

Jeeeez, I get the concern but clearly they are supervised and the cat doesn't look like it's going to lung into full attack mode. Fuck

Nlly Nlly

Nlly Nlly 1 year ago

Wtf I would never let a cat around a baby less this close.. Not only it could scratch the baby also their hair is not good

Priscilla Ajd

Priscilla Ajd 1 year ago

VERY Cute photo. I do see the concern too, Cats can be easily spooked sometimes and swaddling them soo close to baby is just slight dangerous. The likelihood is low, but again I see the safety concern.

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