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INSIDER beauty
2017. December 20.
You need to try these eight spa treatments in 2018.

You need to try these eight spa treatments in 2018.
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INSIDER beauty

INSIDER beauty 5 months ago

Produced by: Amanda Curran and Meranda Yslas

Sharon Arellano

Sharon Arellano 4 months ago


Daniel Olaguibel

Daniel Olaguibel 4 months ago

Omg I Always have dreamed to be a tamal ❤️😂😂😂😂

Kayla Godina

Kayla Godina 4 months ago

Isn't the world running out of chocolate?

Peter Pietro

Peter Pietro 4 months ago

Steam yourself inside banana leaves so you all can become human tamales. 😂

Liên Phạm

Liên Phạm 3 months ago

Cái vụ lá chuối bán đắt chắc do cái số 3 Nguyễn Diệu Linh Mia Nguyen :)))) cơ mà phủ lá chuối xong cho vào lồng khác gì hấp bánh ko =)))

Shelby Jones

Shelby Jones 3 months ago

Number six can take you to the upside down..... Trevia Sleep 😂

Senyaa Nichole

Senyaa Nichole 4 months ago

I think I need to go to a spa and Colombia lolAlana Comas

Olivia Russo

Olivia Russo 3 months ago

Sydney Schwartzer wanna do all of these but DIY and in our houses

Estelle Yip

Estelle Yip 4 months ago

Lewis Litt would love that mud spa 👌 can someone tell Harvey so that they can go together please 😁

Tania Louise

Tania Louise 3 months ago

Im a bit old to try the baby spa. Pity, because its the closest to me of all these 😂

Jill Sklenar

Jill Sklenar 3 months ago

Eli Bullard we have to do the float tank sometime. There’s several places in Tulsa and even groupons!

Saige Nelson

Saige Nelson 4 months ago

What if I don't have a beard, how will i get the beard facial then?!

Kayti Hundley

Kayti Hundley 4 months ago

Gaby.. How do we get this job.

Veronica Camacho

Veronica Camacho 3 months ago

Habacuc Delgado Jr. don’t forget my spa day when you come back babe ♥️😝

Martha Guillen

Martha Guillen 3 months ago

Omg let's go to the first one so I can eat the chocolateeee😋😂 Tamyra

Kirsten Zwally

Kirsten Zwally 4 months ago

Ben Sheppard ive always wanted to do that floating deprivation tank

Nina Mp

Nina Mp 3 months ago

Go to the lush spa best spa ever!

Alberto Ramirez Gomez

Alberto Ramirez Gomez 4 months ago

Ill misses the Best Spa in Mineral de pozos, Guanajuato ... México.... You get info a barrel fully of beer with a variety of beers degustation :)

Natalie Lugo

Natalie Lugo 3 months ago

Ruben Lara check these out the baby one is just the cutest

Audry Lewis

Audry Lewis 4 months ago

Justin Lewis i want the chocolate massage! You could just do it at home for me 😂😂

Heather Whitley

Heather Whitley 4 months ago

The floating one reminded me of stranger things Amber Sandstrom

Sally Marmolejo

Sally Marmolejo 4 months ago

Humberto Cruz derrite chocolate y hazme un masaje así ajajajajaj

Nayomi Mehta

Nayomi Mehta 4 months ago

If you ever what to gift me something , don’t hesitate Ayesha Gotla 😝😘

Cuadritos P'chan

Cuadritos P'chan 4 months ago

Vida Manny me llevas al de Colombia quiere meterme al lodo jiji 😬

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